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There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms that work on the market, and most of them are centralized platforms, and some are decentralized. But with so many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, this does not make the cryptocurrency exchange market better. Issues such as transaction processing speed, high-frequency trading, security are still the focus of the cryptocurrency market.

Soraix will prove that in the future, private or public companies will be able to easily access financing through Soraix tokens and an exchange platform that is better than similar platforms that meet user needs.

Soraix is ​​a traditional exchange platform that intends to turn traditional exchanges into traditional methods into modern methods of asset tokenization using blockchain technology. With the help of blockchain technology, they seek to translate the public perception of negative digital assets into positive, so these digital assets provide greater stability and efficiency in the industry. The Soraix platform will provide very significant advantages for investors who are still using the traditional system, thanks to the advantages of the business model they offer, the business model of profit distribution.

The principle of the Soraix project

Soraix will also offer a wide network of stock tokens (issued by public and private companies offering their tokens on Soraix) that can be sold on the Soraix platform. Like the popular sharing platform, Soraix has created its blockchain technology. Which will significantly reduce costs and make operations more efficient. Soraix allows users to copy trading portfolios from others, so the user can increase their chances of making a profit from the cryptocurrency market. Just like trading platforms in general, Soraix has the functions of leverage, margin calls and swaps for experienced users. Users get the opportunity to share revenue through tokens issued by the Soraix platform.

The financial industry, especially in the international stock trading sector, still uses the traditional system for various processes, which is very unfortunate due to the various complex processes and the high cost that must be paid, especially for corporations during the IPO process. With the Soraix platform, this is certainly a solution for players in this sector, especially for corporations, when they will offer their shares to the public, and the digital asset method certainly makes it more effective. I really hope that this project will work without failures!


  • SRX = 0,00025 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 4 500 000$
  • Hard Cap: 24 000 000$
  • ICO: 26.08 - 24.11

By the way, there is an attractive bonus for early investors. By purchasing the SRX token during the first two weeks there is a bonus plus 10% of the purchase amount. Buying tokens within 3 and 4 weeks, the bonus will be 5%.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the Soraix project is not accidental and not from scratch. When there is a big demand but there is no adequate supply, such innovative projects always appear. In the near future, you can expect that the Soraix project will prove itself and bring profit to its users and investors.

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